Material Testing

Zenith Tecnica offers material and product testing through 3rd party accredited labs. We recognise the importance of providing an independent evaluation of our process to ensure confidence in the components we manufacture.

Every build that we run on our EBM machines includes test specimens for continuous material validation and traceability to demonstrate conformance to ASTM F2924.



You can order the following test certificates for any build:

  • Tensile – ASTM E8
  • Chemistry – ASTM E1409, ASTM E1447, ASTM E1941, ASTM E2371
  • Surface Finish – ASME B46.1
  • Microstructure – ASTM E3-11



We can also include specimens at your request for many other tests, including but not limited to:

  • Compression – ASTM E9
  • Shear – ASTM B769-11
  • Toughness – ASTM E23
  • Fatigue – ASTM E466
  • Standardised product testing


Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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