Surface Finishing & Treatments

Surface finishing and post-processing treatments are crucial in an engineered environment and are often highly dependent on the end application of the design. For example, abrasive surfaces (such as the EBM ‘as-built’ surface roughness of 16um 22um Ra) can be ideal for bonding situations, smooth surfaces can promote a more consistent flow of fluid, and machined surfaces offer improved fatigue life for high-stress use. While we are able to meet a wide range of finishing options, special consideration must be applied to ensure you are taking advantage of the most appropriate finish.



Surface finishing and treatment outcomes are highly dependent on the geometry and method used. For example, internal cavities and small radii can be challenging to surface finish with limited tool access.

We have multiple in-house finishing capabilities, including:

  • Manual Smoothing
  • Tumble finishing (provided as standard, custom formulas available)
  • Disc finishing


On request we can also offer:

  • Shot blasting
  • Machining, Grinding, Lapping
  • Manual Polishing
  • PVD Coating
  • Anodising


If you require specific surface roughness or aesthetics, please note that typical surface finishing will remove approximately 0.4mm of material. If surface finishing is specified on simple geometries our team can add this material allowance, however, if the surfaces are complex we will request that you allow for this material in the model you provide to us.

It is important to note, that not all surfaces can be mirror polished, such as internal cavities and tight radii. This is highly dependent on geometry and in most cases, outside volume production will be performed manually. Please contact our team to discuss what option would suit you. 

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