Product Marking & Traceability

Zenith Tecnica provides the ability to mark products with branding, certifications and identification labels.

Labels allow for high levels of traceability to all materials, powder, and processes used to manufacture components. For full traceability right down to position in a build, serial numbers can be printed directly on components, or lot numbers can be laser marked during the inspection. Customers can use this capability to enable identification during assembly and traceability throughout its service life.


Zenith Tecnica Recommended Font Properties


Text Property




Laser Marking




Trebuchet MS, or a simple Sans-Serif font is recommended for clarity of all characters


Size (Text Height)


4mm [11pt]


2.5mm [7pt]




Emboss or engrave by 0.4-0.6mm if you want text visible after surface finishing, engrave with min. 0.6mm





If you would like Zenith Tecnica to apply a lot number or serial number to components, please define the area to apply the label on your manufacturing drawing.





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