Zenith Tecnica forms Advisory Board


Zenith Tecnica, a specialised contract manufacturer focused on Titanium Additive Manufacturing, has reached an important milestone in its history.

“Today we are pleased to announce the formation of our Advisory Board and appointment of Advisory Board Chairman, Duncan Stewart.” Says Heather Grace, General Manager. “I’m delighted to welcome Duncan onboard. The knowledge and experience that he brings to the table will be a powerful tool for the team moving forward.“

The Advisory Board has been formed to deliver expert counsel and strategic planning to support business growth and to enhance the value that Zenith Tecnica provides to modern part manufacturing. By working closely with the leadership team, the Advisory Board will provide vision and governance, risk management assessment, financial planning, and long-term investment decision-making. Thus, enabling the Zenith Tecnica team to achieve its growth goals and accelerate global market penetration.

Zenith Tecnica is pleased to bring Duncan on as the inaugural Chair of the board. With decades of experience as a CEO, director, board member, and venture capitalist, Duncan brings a wealth of expertise to the growth and governance of science, technology and engineering disruptors. Recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading experts in clean technologies and green economic growth, Duncan has founded, grown, and sold award-winning technology businesses and assisted the delivery of over $1bn of public and private infrastructure.

“Zenith Tecnica operates in a highly dynamic global manufacturing supply chain across the medical, space and performance sport sectors. I’m pleased to be able to support the mission to grow market share and the export of New Zealand’s high-value technology products.” Says Duncan.

With the placement of the board and Duncan’s appointment, the future of Zenith Tecnica is bright. The team is well equipped to take Zenith Tecnica through its next steps toward making titanium accessible and helping global companies to reimagine their manufacturing.


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