design competition



Design Brief: We are tasking you with designing creative and practical component(s) that display the strengths of Electron Beam Melting (EBM) additive manufacturing/3D Printing, Titanium and metal AM as a whole.


How you portray this is up to you. For example, you can highlight the productivity of EBM by designing a part that is easily stackable in a 3D volume, or you can create an organic and/or extremely complex geometry that otherwise could not be manufactured by traditional means.


The application and use case are also completely up to you. This could be for a fictional assembly, such as a structural bracket for a large structure, such as an antenna or satellite, or it could be a component that you have designed for an existing personal project, such as an exhaust manifold for your car or a node-and-tube system for a lightweight road or mountain bike. 


You will be judged on the creativity of the design, the use case and application, and the overall portrayal/understanding of EBM AM and Titanium’s strengths. For a better chance at winning, we suggest (but is not required) that you include a project description and/or quick write-up on your design, its purpose, and any design choices you have made. Other supplementary information could include proposed machining drawings, drawings/sketches of the full assembly, 3D Renders of the final design and any other information you deem appropriate/helpful.


Designs MUST fit inside a 80mm x 80mm x 150mm volume. As a prize, the winner will receive a gift card valued at $100 NZD and receive their submitted design additively manufactured in grade 5 titanium for FREE*.


*If feasible for manufacture


How to enter:


1. Design your part.


2. Save your model a STEP file or Solidworks file, using the naming convention firstname_lastname_ZTdesigncompetition


3. [optional] Create/write/design any supplementary items, such as planned machining drawings, sketches for the assembly it will be involved in, project description and/or quick write-up on your design (its purpose and any design choices made) 3D renders and any other information necessary.


4. Submit your entry and any supplementary items to media@zenithtecnica.com with the subject line firstname_lastname_2024 Design Competition Entry.


5. In the body of the email please include your first and last name, contact number, and email address in your email submission.



Submissions must include AT LEAST one digital 3D CAD Model with the correct naming conventions to be considered for judging.

Entrants can submit as a team, however only ONE prize shall be issued for the winning submission.
Zenith Tecnica holds all right to judge each entry and determine the winner internally.

Entrants can submit multiple entries but cannot enter the same design multiple times. This is a quality not quantity competition. Better to spend more time on one design to make the most out of it, than to submit ten.

Designs submitted must be original and authentic to the Designer/Entrant. The design(s) must not infringe the rights of any third party.


This competition is open to the public, including both amateur and professional designers.


Entrants must currently live in or have a current postal address in New Zealand.


The winner will be selected by a Zenith Tecnica panel of judges.


Zenith Tecnica holds all right to judge each entry and determine the winner internally.


Zenith Tecnica retains the right to not pick a winner if under 5 submissions are entered, or there are no suitable submissions. 


You agree; You have all necessary rights and licenses to grant the rights set out in these Rules & Regulations; The design is not of commercial sensitivity or value to any external organisation.
Submissions can be of existing designs as long as the submitter owns the full rights and licensing of the design.


The competitions run from 28th of May, 2024 and will end on the 7th of June, 2024. All entries must be submitted before the end date to be considered. Any submissions entered after this end date will not be considered valid or available to win.


The winner will be contacted via email and/or phone by the 14th of June 2024, and will be announced at a later date chosen by Zenith Tecnica.


Failure to claim the prize within 14 days may result in disqualification and selection of an alternative winner. The prize is neither transferable nor refundable.


Zenith Tecnica assume no obligation, responsibility or liability for any expenses incurred by the entrants as a result of participating in this competition.


By submitting the designs, and any supplementary information to Zenith Tecnica Limited, each Entrant agrees that he/she/they is authorised to and hereby grants Zenith Tecnica Limited and its licensees and assignees, a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to exercise all rights to reproduce, edit and/or modify, display, broadcast, publish and use, in whole or in part, any Submission, and any other intellectual property protected or protectable materials submitted by each Entrant, in any manner for any purpose without further compensation, restriction on use, attribution or liability during and after the Competition, except where prohibited by law.


All material submitted must NOT (a) be in breach of any laws, regulations and rights; or (b) contain viruses.


The Organisers will not be responsible for proof of originality of all entries, nor be liable for protection of design copyright. Each contestant retains sole copyright, and is therefore solely liable for his/her design(s).


Every Entrant shall be solely responsible for the pursuit of any form of intellectual property protection for their Submission. If deemed necessary, we suggest pursuing protection prior to submission.


Providing supplementary information as mentioned in the design brief, does not guarantee a better result over another submission.


By entering the competition, the entrants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these competition rules, terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by them.


Zenith Tecnica’s decision is final on any situation including any not covered in these Terms and Conditions. Please note that Zenith Tecnica will not enter into any correspondence concerning any decisions made.

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