a sustainable future.

As a company that provides services to industries around the world, we take our impact on the planet and it’s people very seriously. 



TO people

We operate with people at the center of everything that we do. Our customers, our team and the wider community are at the forefront of all decisions made. We focus our production efforts on components that will improve the quality of life and will not support projects that may cause harm. We promise to continually support and aid the development of new minds and will offer all we can to the next generation.


TO THE environment

As proud Kiwi’s we take responsibility for the land we operate on and understand the impact we have on the planet. We are always looking at how we can reduce our negative impact on our forests, land, oceans, sky and space above us. We also take it upon ourselves to look to the future, to not only focus on negating the negative, but implementing more positive. We promise to continue to go above and beyond the expected and leave a positive impact on our environment.



We care deeply about the industries we operate in that have allowed us to continue to explore our passion. This means we are open, we listen and we assist others to learn to use Additive technology. We will always be advocates for advanced manufacturing, and follow the goal of helping progress the world through technology. We promise that our knowledge will be your knowledge every step of the way.

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Additive unlocks a new perspective on waste reduction. Typically, traditional methods (subtractive) start with raw material that is then carved away to create the part within. This often results in a large portion of the material going to waste.


With additive processes, you are adding material together to create your desired product. Keeping the material used to only the absolutely necessary.

Titanium Additive Manufacturing (AM) opens the door to longer lasting parts, that do not need replacing as often. Achieved through Additive’s design optimization capability and the strength and durability of titanium.


This allows for less time spent replacing and refitting parts, as well as less materials needed to maintain a final product. 

The quick and seamless transition into scalable production with AM removes the need to hold inventory and allows for stock-on-hand to stay lean. 


Supply chain disruptions can also be mitigated through AM suppliers to quickly produce small batch requirements, leading to reduced or even nil downtime in production.

Utilizing 3D CAD models for design specifications, AM reduces the time, cost and resources needed to create custom tooling for individual part manufacturing.

Additive’s design freedom allows for the production of individual parts, that previously required the joining of multiple to create.


With fewer fastenings and mating surfaces involved the result is shorter assembly times, reduced cost and overall stronger products.

the zenith

The above are fantastic examples of how this technology and manufacturing method are more efficient and sustainable. However, you might be wondering – What is Zenith Tecnica doing to help?

harnessing the sun
to reach the stars

Zenith Tecnica utilizes solar energy to power a large portion of our manufacturing facility and headquarters. This helps us to offset our production output and freight emissions. 

Rooftop solar panels at sunset

supporting the next
generation of minds

Supporting students is something we take great pride in.

We aim to teach, and provide opportunities to students through summer programs, work experience and supporting academic work.

powder reuse
and recycling

We use state-of-the-art powder recovery systems to remove and collect any loose powder in and around parts as they come out of our machines. Most of this powder can then be mixed back in with fresh powder and given new life.

Pile of titanium powder

give-back days

Every so often, we shut down our office and factory for a day and get the team together to do what we call a “give-back day”. These act as time to give back to our environment, communities and the planet around us.