Zenith Tecnica Founded

First Arcam Q10 EBM machine commissioned


Supplier to Formula 1 teams

Titanium is often sought after in high-performance applications due to its incredible strength-to-weight ratio

First Arcam Q20 EBM machine commissioned

With a larger build volume than before, a world of possibilities and applications opened up


ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 accreditation achieved

Starting Zenith's rigorous quality management systems and supporting the consistent pursuit of improvement

Became supplier to America's Cup Regatta team(s)

Titanium lends itself beautifully to marine application due to its corrosion resistant nature allowing for extended service life in the harsh environment of the ocean


First medical device implanted

The porous mesh that EBM enables allows for fantastic osseointegration into bone


First satellite components reached orbit above earth

Becoming one of just a handful of organizations around the world capable of such a feat


2x additional Arcam Q10plus EBM machines commissioned

Increasing our fleet to become the largest EBM service bureau in the southern hemisphere

Partnered with HPSNZ to assist top kiwi Paralympians

Collaborating together to build custom prosthetics for kiwi Paralympians, Holly Robinson & Anna Grimaldi


Became official manufacturer for leading orthopedic manufacturer OSSIS Ltd

Helping create life changing orthopedic implants and medical devices.


Celebrates successful 5 year partnership with Maxar Technologies

With hundreds of heritage titanium parts on-orbit across multiple satellites, and even more in production


Announces the successful manufacture and delivery of critical components for NASA Psyche Mission

Chosen by Maxar Space Systems, Zenith Tecnica 3D Printing critical nodes structures for the SEP Chassis of the spacecraft.


Celebrates 10 years of Titanium Additive Manufacturing using Electron Beam Melting

Our continued commitment to excellence and readiness to meet the challenges of tomorrow drive us forward, and we cannot wait to see where the next 10 years take us.