What materials does Zenith Tecnica manufacture with?

Zenith Tecnica prints exclusively in Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V). With such a capable material at our fingertips, we have been able to concentrate our efforts on becoming world leaders in the art of titanium alloy EBM manufacturing. Thanks to our commitment to titanium, coupled with our humidity and temperature-controlled machine environment, we reduce any risk of cross-contamination and material impurities.

Can Zenith Tecnica assist me with the design of my component?

Yes! Our team will collaborate with you to enhance your existing design to be more suitable for EBM manufacture, and enable you to leverage the unique benefits that Electron Beam Melting can achieve.

We offer new customers a free 1-hour session with our engineering team to evaluate your parts for EBM additive manufacturing and create a plan to get building.

Please see the full breakdown of our design services here

How long does manufacturing usually take?

Our standard lead time is 3 weeks for most job to batch manufacturing utilising our ride-share option.

We provide options for ride-share and dedicated builds in order to give you the most cost-effective solution to fit your deadline. Lead time will depend on the build option used, the physical size of components, the quantity of components, and any additional services required. Click here to view our full list of services and capabilities.


How will my order be priced?

As a contract manufacturer, our pricing is based on an order-by-order basis. This will always differ between post processing needs, lead time expectations, and any sub-contractor work needed.

We strive for transparency at Zenith Tecnica and have determined a minimum build recovery cost that must be met on a per-order basis. For our customers, this means that no formal quotes or cost estimates are going to be below a minimum charge of $2,650 NZD.

It is still important to note that it is based purely on order lot and NOT individual unit price. You will still be able to place orders with units valued under the minimum charge as long as the order lot volume meets or exceeds it.

Why should I choose Additive Manufacturing (AM)?

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, brings efficiency and sustainability to the forefront of your production line. Bringing design freedom through the ability to produce complex parts with ease, consolidate assemblies, and reduce mass without the sacrifices of time or quality. Read more about how it is a sustainable manufacturing method here.

AM brings improved part performance, decreased time to assemble, and decreased labour costs. By collaborating with our team of engineers, you can create components with complex geometries that may not have been previously attainable using traditional manufacturing methods.

Whilst we live and breathe Titanium Additive Manufacturing, we also understand the diverse range of projects that we may come across. As such, it is a Zenith Tecnica policy to always be upfront and honest in assessing the suitability of your project for EBM AM.

What is Electron Beam Melting (EBM)?

Electron Beam Melting (EBM) is a Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing (AM) process. Utilising an incredibly powerful beam of electrons, this form of AM heats and selectively fuses metal powder together.

The process begins with an extremely thin layer of metal powder spread across a build plate and pre-heated. Once the desired heat is achieved, the beam accurately melts areas of powder at speeds of up to 8000m/s, which is approximately 28,800 kilometers per hour.

Once the layer has finished being melted, the plate descends a distance less than the average width of a human hair. From here a new spread of metal powder is applied and the next layer begins.

The design of the finished part is achieved through the creation of a 3D CAD Model that is digitally sliced into thousands of individual layers, acting as a blueprint for the beam to follow.

For more information on Electron Beam Melting, visit GE Additive.

Why should I partner with Zenith Tecnica?

We are experts in the field of Titanium Additive Manufacturing, with some of the most extensive operating hours of EBM technology in the world. Our team has the highest levels of OEM training available and an embedded culture of continuous process improvement.

Zenith Tecnica has put New Zealand on the global metal additive map.
As an early adopter of Arcam EBM machines, the team has built a deep
understanding of our technology that is second to none. It is no surprise
therefore that this technical knowledge and engineering expertise is
increasingly being sought out from customers around the world.

– Oscar Angervall, GE Additive

Our team enjoys collaborating with customers and helping them design and manufacture innovative components. With our passion for EBM AM at the forefront of what we do, we are always looking to help those wanting to get into the world of additive. As such, we offer new customers a FREE 1-hour engineering consultation session to kick off your project(s).

What are Ride-Share and Dedicated builds?

Our pricing and lead times are dependent on how much build volume your order requires. If you are able to fill an entire build volume, this will provide the most competitive pricing per unit, as well as more flexibility on launch times. We call this the Dedicated Build Option.

If you do not require such volume for your order, you will default to the Ride-Share Build Option. This option combines multiple customer orders together to ensure a competitive price is still achieved, and the pricing scales with the percentage of the build volume that you use.

Ride-share builds offer a standard 3 week lead time on all orders. If you require a faster lead time we can launch your order on a dedicated build. However, all relevant costs associated with the build will be split across the quantity of parts you’re ordering, so it is advisable that you fill the build when ordering a dedicated one.

How do I get started with Zenith Tecnica?

If you already have a design and 3D CAD model ready to go for additive manufacturing (AM), please see below for what we require to provide you with a quote and send us your inquiry!

If you are currently designing a part to be additively manufactured, or are looking to utilise AM for a future product, we can help you on your journey! We offer new customers a FREE 1-hour consultation with our engineering team to get your project(s) underway.

What do I need to provide for a quote?

At a minimum we require these things to provide you with a quote:

  • CAD model of your component(s)

  • Quantity required

  • Description of end-use

For our team to understand your application and provide tailored feedback, it is also best if you can provide the following:

  • Annual or repeat quantities required

  • Manufacturing drawing(s)

    • Including traceability and surface finish requirements*

    • Any features requiring post-machining should be indicated

* Contact our team for our technical guidelines or Design for EBM Manufacturing services to help specify these requirements.

  • A description of the next higher assembly, if applicable

  • Deadlines for urgent projects

  • Inspection requirements*

  • End-use declaration* (template can be provided)

  • Any classifications required for shipping and Export Compliance such as ECCN and HS code*

*If your inquiry is for a medical device or aerospace application, we require these details listed above.

Get in contact with our engineering team today

How long does the quoting process take?

Once all the required information above has been provided, our engineering team will review the files and specifications. Some specifications or tolerances may require post-processing, so our team may have some additional questions about these.

Any post-processing requiring a specialist subcontractor will require additional time to quote, examples of this include machining and some types of material testing.

Number of models

Quotes and estimates for printed components

Quotes including post-processing with subcontractors

Repeat order*

2 business days

2 business days

1-5 models

3 business days

7 business days

For every additional 10 models up to 50 models

+1 business day

+8-10 business days

> 50 models

We will respond with a time to quote after reviewing specifications. Please let us know your required timeline and we will do our best to accommodate.

*Using a model that has previously been produced by Zenith Tecnica

Our team will advise which category your inquiry fits into and the estimated response time when acknowledging your RFQ.

Can you ship international orders? How long does it take?

We have a proven track record of delivering urgent components worldwide and our team understands the urgent situations our customers often face.

We use express and urgent couriers that specialise in each region such as DHL and FedEx and have extensive experience in exporting goods to North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Our team is also trained in U.S. export controls that cover EAR and ITAR classified digital files and items. Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding export and shipping.

The lead time we quote will not include the time to ship the item(s) to you or any taxes or duties due upon the import of items. However, our team is trained in export compliance and we have processes in place to ensure that shipping goes as smoothly as possible. From our experience, the following guidelines apply:

International Shipping Guidelines 

  • USA, California and West Coast, 2-3 days

  • USA, Central and East Coast, 3-4 days

  • UK, 3-4 days

  • Australia, excluding WA, 1-2 days

  • Australia, WA, 2-3 days

New Zealand Shipping Guidelines 

  • Cities and towns, Overnight 

  • Rural Delivery, 1-2 days 

As with all shipping, we cannot control if customs agencies decide to inspect or hold shipments or if there are courier delays, which may introduce additional time.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Victor

victor gillet


  • BTEC Higher National Diploma – Advanced Diploma in conception & industrialisation of Microtechnology, Noisiel – France


  • Certified Auditor (ISO9001, ISO13485)


  • Certificate of ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices Certified Internal Auditor


  • SOLIDWORKS (BASW1 & Advanced Drawing)


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Victor joined Zenith Tecnica with his background in quality systems after a push for AS9100:RevD and future certifications. He began his career 10 years ago completing contract work for a design office and workshop creating 3D models and prototypes. Following this he worked for a Medical Device company in Paris for 7 years and participated in the development and design of 16 new surgical instruments that were FDA-approved and CE marked. This included design transfer, risk analysis, implementation of product change management tools, defective product analysis and more.


Victor left France in 2016 and began working for a sapphire mining company in Mauritius as a quality manager contractor where he created a traceability system and certification process for ethical sapphires to guarantee ‘mine to market’ traceability. This involved integration of quality management systems, project management, training, implementation of quality tools and marketing team support.


Upon arriving in New Zealand in 2017 he took a position as a program manager and auditor for the medical branch of a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) before moving to Zenith Tecnica.


Outside of work Victor enjoys exercising, running and exploring New Zealand!

callan auger


  • Auto CAD Fundamentals

  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver


Callan joined the Zenith Tecnica production team in 2022 as Workshop Engineering Assistant. Outside of work, his hobbies involve all things DIY. Including brewing beer and distilling spirits, gardening, graphic design, building and mechanics. As a creative yet logical thinker, he thrives


while exploring functionality and efficiency in processes. He is mechanically minded and enjoys reverse engineering objects to understand how they operate.


Outside of work he spends a lot of time outdoors, swimming, tramping, diving and holds a PADI Diving license.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Emil

emil ryberg


  • Arcam EBM Certification Training Level 1


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver


Emil first joined Zenith Tecnica in 2016 after obtaining Level 1 EBM certification in his home country and the home of GE Additive Arcam, Sweden, before coming to New Zealand for a year of work experience. Emil came back on board in 2019 as our workshop assistant after moving back to New Zealand. Emil also serves as our health and safety officer.


Emil has worked in a variety of roles such as lamination – hand laying fiberglass, warehouse and recycling operation, as a food courier, and even as an operator in an ice cream factory!


Emil is a lover of everything outdoors and enjoys playing music, hiking and camping, gardening and DIY, surfing, swimming, running, and woodworking!

marty pike


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Massey UniversitY


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Marty is passionate about specific design for additive manufacturing; creating parts that are inspired by science, nature and art.


His 3D printing journey started back in 2005, working for one of New Zealand’s first 3D printing companies in a new marketplace.

He designed parts for the Z Corporation Spectrum 3D printer, finding innovative solutions for problems that traditional methods could not solve.


His designs utilize open-source software as much as possible, and he is skilled with tools such as FreeCAD, Blender, MeshLab, and Debian.
He also likes to create his own custom 3D design software using C++, ODE, OpenGL, CGAL, and OpenFrameworks.


In late 2022 he joined the team at Zenith Tecnica as a Mechanical Engineer. Day to day Marty is involved in the production of titanium components, preparing customers designs for builds and managing relationships with key clients.


Outside of work, Marty spends most of his free time training and teaching the art of submission grappling. He competes on a regular basis across the country

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Morgan

morgan worthington


  • Bachelor of Business – Massey University


  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate – Google Digital Garage


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Morgan started with Zenith Tecnica in early 2021 as Digital Marketing & Customer Service Coordinator, taking on the task of working with the team to create a new and comprehensive marketing strategy to fit with the growing nature of the business. After completing his Bachelor of Business, Morgan has worked in marketing and project management roles for multiple technical industries and has found a passion in strategy and implementing sustainable practices.


He has always had an interest in the creative design process from start to finish, even beginning his time at university studying architecture. As such, Zenith Tecnica was the perfect meld of technicality, design and creativity. Morgan now heads up the marketing department as Marketing and Creative Lead.


In his spare time, Morgan is an avid photographer and loves finding new and interesting compositions and combining his creative and technological side with photo manipulation and editing.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Luke

luke davies-colley


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Mechanical, University of Canterbury


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver


Luke started at Zenith Tecnica in March of 2021, as a Mechanical Engineer, and progressed quickly into the Production Lead role and eventually Production Manager.

After graduating from the University of Canterbury in 2017 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Luke has had experience in several engineering design and project engineering roles. This gave him exciting exposure to a range of projects and has allowed him to bring extensive knowledge and different insights to Zenith Tecnica. He has also had plenty of time on the tools in manufacturing plants doing maintenance and repair work. Luke excels with problem solving, and is a valuable member of the team.


Outside of work, Luke enjoys everything surfing and skating related and is always looking for new coastlines to explore.

Zenith Tecnica staff Emma Headshot

emma hall


  • Diploma in Sports & Recreation


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Emma joined Zenith Tecnica in July of 2021, as the Administration Assistant and quickly rose to the task of becoming our export compliance officer, and has since moved into the quality team and is heavily involved in the Quality Management System and Logistics.


Emma has a working background in various industries including utilities & hospitality. She has a keen interest in problem solving and streamlining processes.


In her spare time, Emma enjoys roller skating, music, macramé and gaming.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Dan

Dan todd


  • New Zealand Certificate in Boat Building


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver


Dan has been the workshop manager at Zenith Tecnica since 2016. He has picked up new skills working with Arcam EBM machines and enjoys the challenges that come with them.


Dan is a very hands-on person with 16 years in light to heavy welding and fabrication. During this time he spent a large portion of time building and installing large machinery around the world which included working with hydraulics and electrical systems.


Outside of work Dan spends weeks volunteering his skills to fix DOC huts and tracks in the south island. He enjoys the outdoors; boating, fishing, tramping, hunting and staying fit.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Logan

logan nutsford


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Mechatronics, Massey University


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Logan joined the Zenith Tecnica team in April 2021, moving up to to Auckland from Blenheim in the process. Logan Completed his Mechatronics Engineering degree at Massey University in 2020 and always had a keen interest in additive manufacturing.

Logan started at Zenith in the workshop team and has since moved into an engineering role within the production team working on nesting, supporting and quoting.


In his spare time, he enjoys cars, 3D printing and walks on the beach.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Pete

Peter sefont


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) – Mechatronics, The University of AucklanD


  • GE Additive – Arcam EBM Material Development (Level 3)


  • Hi-Tech Metrology – Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing with Coordinate Metrology


  • Applied Vehicle Dynamics Seminar, Optimum G


  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver


Peter leads Zenith Tecnica’s customer engagements and the engineering team to ensure that customer requirements are met. Peter started with Zenith Tecnica as a mechanical engineer in 2016 and has been a leader in the production team since 2018 when he was managing day-to-day production efforts. Since then he has moved to further engaging with customers to help solve their technical challenges and meet their ever-changing production requirements as demand for our services has grown.


Because Peter has been part of every stage of Zenith Tecnica’ s manufacturing processes since 2016 he has a wealth of knowledge to share with our customers to help them take their products to market.


Prior to starting at Zenith Tecnica, Peter spent time at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare in 2015 working on accelerated life testing, gauge repeatability and reproducibility, and various other metrology areas in an ISO13485 medical device production environment.


While at the University of Auckland, Peter was the team manager of the Formula SAE Team – A team of 50 that designs, manufactures, and races a formula style open-wheel race every year. After leading the development to an electric powertrain, he has good understanding of mechanical and electrical systems, maintaining relationships with sponsors & suppliers, and the challenges of running a technical team. Peter was also involved in the composites team and has experience in mould making, hand laying pre-impregnated fibres, wet laminating, and infusing CFRP components.


In his spare time, he enjoys road trips, swimming, and spectating or participating in motorsport events.

Zenith Tecnica staff headshot Heather

Heather Grace


  • NZCS Chemistry
  • NZ Diploma Surface Coatings Technology
  • NZIM Management Diploma
  • Diploma in Psychology – Specialising in Workplace Psychology
  • Certificate of Completion in U.S Export Controls Training – World Trade Center Denver

Heather is the founder of the TechBiz Success Academy, and Success With Grace Ltd, an NZTE registered training provider specialised in growing successful technology businesses.


Heather has over 30 years’ commercial experience in the science, engineering and technology sectors. She was co-founder of Technology Systems and held Sales Management, Business Development, Network Management and General Management roles with Bayer NZ, Downer EDI and Rebain International.


Heather holds an NZCS in Chemistry, an NZIM Management Diploma and a Diploma in Workplace Psychology. Her background provides Zenith Tecnica with expertise in sales and business growth strategies, leadership and talent management. She also brings international business experience in technology, manufacturing, service, distribution and supply chain management.


In her spare time, Heather enjoys ocean swimming, scuba diving and sailing.