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Don’t let manufacturing constraints slow you down on the water. Take advantage of titanium 3D printing to produce parts with maximum strength at minimum weight.

Through extensive experience manufacturing components for high-performance marine applications, such as America’s Cup Syndicates, Grand Prix F1 powerboats and world champion sailing dinghies, Zenith Tecnica is extremely aware of the importance of speed, weight, and efficiency.


Spend more time on the water

Spend less time replacing festered and/or corroded parts. With its inherent corrosion resistant nature, fending off even the harsh environment of the ocean, titanium is the perfect material for marine applications.


As a result of titanium’s position of high nobility on the galvanic series, there is also significantly less festering that occurs when paired with composites such as carbon fibre. Resulting in increased performance and product life.

Lightweight and performance-ready

Having lightweight componentry, whether at the top of the mast, or below the hull can be vital to performance. Unlock the same processes that America’s Cup teams utilized, to improve performance through design optimization and mass reduction. This AM capability, merged with titanium’s excellent strength to density ratio generates lightweight parts that do not sacrifice strength for performance. Stay ahead of the competition with advanced manufacturing methods.



Bespoke and fully customizable

With parts that often need to be form-fitted and designed carefully for specific hulls or end-uses, custom parts can be vital. With the freedom in design that AM offers, you can effortlessly take your prototype and develop, iterate and mass customize to produce the exact part required. Many structures that were previously difficult or even impossible to make are now available.

Prototype to Production

With our agile manufacturing structure, we tailor our service package to your needs. Whether you are looking to produce one-off parts or batch products, we have a large amount of capacity to suit. By utilizing what we call a ride-share build system, smaller quantity orders, and/or a mix of different designs can be built alongside other orders to spread out the build cost for a more economic option.

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