Urgent solutions for urgent needs

Surgeons and their patients often face challenging situations that require urgent solutions. With health, well-being and often lives at stake we understand the crucial nature of the parts we are manufacturing. Our dedication to quality and schedule flexibility allows our customers to rely on us time and time again.


Customized patient-specific solutions

Surgeons often find themselves facing patients in rapidly worsening scenarios, with only off-the-shelf products to serve them. With the speed and ferocity that tumors can grow, oncology patients need accurate and reliable solutions that can be delivered fast.


Thanks to the speed, efficiency and capability of EBM, Zenith Tecnica deliver custom implants regularly, designed around the individuals exact needs. Fitting to even the most complex of problems and bone defects. With only days between receiving the design of the implant to manufacturing and inserting, Zenith Tecnica has the quality standards and processes to help build parts that make a life-changing difference.

Biocompatibility & Osseointegration

Titanium is known for its powerful corrosion resistance and non-toxic nature, making it a perfect material to be used in both human and veterinary implant applications. Giving those in need, more opportunities for a higher quality of life.


Using Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology, we produce trabecular and structured types of porous regions on components. This design possibility brings the potential for enhanced osseointegration as it acts as almost a scaffold for bone growth.

Quality and Compliance

Our quality management system enables enhanced efficiency, collaboration and ensures compliance. To make products and implants better for our customers, and to provide innovative solutions that meet international standards. Our QMS is certified according to the ISO 13485:2016 standards. From our service, products, production methods and inspection we are constantly striving for excellence.


If you have any questions regarding Quality, Qualification & Validation or the creation of your own Quality plan, please reach out to our friendly  Quality Department.

Efficiency through Technology

EBM is an extremely powerful technology that enables efficient and productive manufacturing, offering a cost-effective solution for creating customized and large orthopedic implants.


During the build process, the chamber reaches such an incredibly high temperature that the powder surrounding the parts is sintered together. This results in a more efficient use of space as parts can be built using the entire 3D volume and even stacked tightly together.

Time Sensitivity

Our team is constantly exposed to the reality and urgency of the devices we manufacture, and the life-changing impact they often have. With dedicated builds running regularly our customers can safely rely on the consistent delivery of urgent devices.


Due to the high-temperature environment of the EBM process parts that come out of the machine are already stress relieved, thus eliminating time-consuming steps of doing this after the parts are built. This streamlines production further and allow for final delivery faster.

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