Cutting edge innovation to help Kiwi Paralympians

New high-tech prosthetic components give two top Kiwi Paralympians instant results

Two of New Zealand’s top Paralympians have teamed up with a local 3D printing company to extend their abilities in their respective sports.

Javelin thrower Holly Robinson and sprinter and long jumper Anna Grimaldi have partnered up with Zenith Tecnica to produce personally tailored prosthetics.

I’m so thankful that I’ve got this [prosthetic], it’s allowed me to train so much more in the gym to do a lot more things and that was through High Performance Sport

Holly Robinson, Paralympic Athlete

High Performance Sport New Zealand took designs to Kiwi company Zenith Tecnica who build similar titanium components for Formula 1 and America’s Cup teams.

Zenith Tecnica production manager Peter Sefont says each prosthetic is designed specifically for each athlete’s personal needs.

Holly and Anna both have arm impairments but to different extents so while the design was quite similar, it was customised for the individual so they each have a different assembly of components.

Peter Sefont, Zenith Tecnica

Grimaldi and Robinson have used their new prosthetics for six weeks, neither athlete will use them in competition but have revealed they are seeing instant results in training.

source: TV One News –
High Performance Sport New Zealand –


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