EOY General Manager Update

With December now upon us and the 2022 starting to wrap itself up – our General Manager, William Stow, has a message about the year behind us, the year ahead, and quick update about the holiday period.

“This year has been a ride! I have only been part of this team for a few months now – but what a team it is. Every day I’m learning from the guys, and (I hope) they are learning from me. The passion that flows in and out of this place is outstanding.

I wanted to formally thank the team for the mammoth effort they have put in lately, as well as thank our customers and partners who explore their metal additive journey further and further with us every day.

Over Christmas and New Year, we will be operating with a limited skeleton crew overseeing and maintaining the builds. So I encourage anyone with any time-sensitive projects or designs that need to be built – please get in touch with your Zenith contact as soon as possible. We will be back up and running as normal as of the 9th of Jan, 2023.

I’m incredibly excited to see what next year will bring for the business, as we have some very exciting projects in the works. I’ll see you all there.”

– William Stow, General Manager



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